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Should our Class A become a Class Sea!

While wintering in Florida we've found LOTS & LOTS of beautiful sea shells amounting to a huge collection. Joking about what on earth we could do with them our RVer friends Chris & Cherie of Technomadia suggested we litterally start glueing them all over the exterier of our Class A Mountain Aire (where else could we put them?) thus converting our Class A into a Class Sea! While I completly think that's an awesome idea… Danny was super quick to veto ~ LOL! Besides the collection shown, we've allready mailed tons to our grandkids + have a bunch inside that I'd forgot to include in the photo. We'll soon be taking the reamining collection to my mom's in Missouri where hopefully she can enjoy them decorating her flower beds… but who knows maybe I'll accidently super glue a few ;-)

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